committee members

Sandi Mitra


I am dedicated To work Towards any Visionary Journey which serves Both My Motherland India and my Second Land Australia.Service to other is What I pay for my Rent in earth. I found myself as best when I loose myself in service of others.I am dedicated To work Towards any Visionary Journey which serves Both My Motherland India and my Second Land Australia.

Nishi Puri

Vice President

I am passionate about community work and really proud to be a part of IAAC

Sudheer Samsudeen


The best way to find ourselves is to loose ousrselfs between others

Krishna Shukla

Executive Social Media

Social media head of IAAC. She helps manage multiple events and is playing an active role in growing the relationship between Indians and Australians in Canberra.

Joshy Pereira

Executive Business Development

PRO for Canberra Malayalee Association and Director or Reliable Consulting Canberra

Saket Bhatkhande

Executive Marketing

I wish to keep indulging myself in the wonderful journey of community engagement which provides me with the unique opportunity to know about various aspects of life and enriches my experiences

Amit Swarup

Executive Event and Project

I believe we have two hands, one to help ourselps and one two help others with Community Service

Gurjant Singh

Cultural Head

I believe millions of people can Transform the World, And it can be only done by Community Service. I work for a cause, not for applause

Aditya Kumar

Associate Business Development

Lets Join Together to create a Fabulous Tomorrow, Proud To Be a Part Of India Australia Association of Canberra

Vijay Puri

Administrative Associate

I believe Lifes Most persistent question is – What are we Doing For Others, Its not about how many Degrees or Diplomas I got/ How much money I have Made, Its about when someone is hUngry and you gave me to eat, its about when I was Homeless you took me in

Jenson Lukachen

Information Associate

I believe alone we can Do so Little but together we can do so much.

Nitu Mitra

Cultural Associate

I believe the Best way to Find Myself is to loose myself in the Service Of Others.

Dharminder Sharma

Administrative Associate

My Predominant mission is to is to unite the world and bring them under one umbrella of Peace and Harmony. Service of Community is the real Service of the Country